We help African businesses flourish online

Regulus is a technology consultancy based in Nairobi, Kenya. We combine technical and business expertise to help our clients make effective use of web technologies to grow their business online.

Our engineering team builds robust, scalable web applications to support any business process, from e-commerce and school applications to encrypted fraud reporting systems and complex data visualisations.

We support established organisations in reengineering complex systems and provide deep business, engineering and software expertise to early stage start ups to help them stay agile.


With our unique combination of business, engineering and software expertise and our extensive local knowledge, we develop solutions to novel problems and drive efficiency and productivity.

Software Development

We help businesses develop highly customised and flexible solutions for their business process requirements. We deliver high performance software, with a focus on security and responsiveness to emerging requirements.

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Information Security

We perform in-depth audits, assessing against the ISO 27001 standard and related guidelines, to provide a comprehensive breakdown of the state of your organisation's Information Security, with clear and actionable steps to address all issues identified.

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Continuous Improvement

We establish a long term relationship with you to analyse, test and continuously adapt your systems and processes to improve and grow your business.

Our Products

At Regulus we know what it takes to develop and manage thriving software products as we have built our own. From the initial idea, launching the system and building the user base – we've been on the journey ourselves so can expertly guide you through yours.


Tailored specifically for the East African market, our e-commerce platform is a complete solution for businesses that want to sell online.

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Our confidential reporting service allows for reporting of ethical, legal and security issues, so that they can be resolved immediately and your organisation improved.

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Our Clients

  • Text Book Centre
  • Sirimon Cheese
  • Sankara Nairobi
  • Rosewood Furniture Manufacturers
  • Braeburn Group of International Schools

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