What we do

Technical consulting

With our unique combination of business strategy and software engineering expertise, we will help you distill your requirements and advise on how technology can facilitate your business objectives.

We use our extensive local knowledge to help adapt your online business model to suit the African market, and keep a close eye on emerging trends across the industry.

Website development

We build websites to support any business process from application systems for schools to encrypted fraud reporting systems for banks. We specialise in full-stack e-commerce platforms built especially for the African market.

We use the latest technologies and development methodologies in our work. We build software using an iterative Agile development workflow, with a focus on user testing and responsiveness to emerging requirements.

Website reviews and monitoring

We will establish a long term relationship with you to analyse, test and adapt the solution to improve and grow your business online.

We also provide comprehensive website reviews for businesses that are already established online. A combination of analytics, user testing and competitor analysis are used to provide recommendations on how to increase effectiveness and maximise conversions.