Our expertise

Payment integration

Secure, seamless integration with local and international payment service providers including credit card gateways and M-Pesa comes standard with all our products.

We have relationships with the leading payment service providers in the region, and have in-depth understanding and experience of the issues around online payment fraud that any online business must manage.

ERP integration

Many online businesses require integration of their website with back office ERP systems. We provide secure, robust integration with back office systems to ensure that product, inventory and management information is always up to date.

Our integrations can be enhanced with activity logging and audit trails where necessary for regulatory and compliance purposes.


We use the latest technologies to provide your customers with a secure platform for doing business. In a rapidly evolving technology environment, we invest significantly in staying ahead of the curve and keeping our clients informed about the latest threats.

Real time monitoring and alerts are used to ensure that unusual activity is identified early and mitigated quickly.


We use carefully optimised cloud infrastructure to power blazingly fast websites that work on any device.

Downtime, slow page load and other performance issues cause lost sales, which is why we have round-the-clock performance monitoring for all our services.


We make heavy use of traffic logs and analytics to understand customer behaviour and drive continuous improvement.

With most clients we establish a monthly or quarterly review process during which data from the previous period is analysed to identify emerging trends, highlight issues and identify new opportunities for business development.

User experience

We work with your business development team to test your online product in the market and understand how users interact with it.

Our user experience reports provide thorough analyses of the strengths and weaknesses of an online workflow from the perspective of the end user, and deliver concrete, actionable steps to improve user engagement and increase conversion rates.